Who is that hipster?

Apparently there was a big to-do about Jay Carney’s square glasses last September.  But I missed out on that one somehow.  I don’t see this guy’s face on TV as much as his predecessor Robert Gibbs.  The wall-to-wall coverage of the Republican presidential primary must have something to do with that.  But sure enough, I was reassured of Carney’s uncannily youthful visage while watching Today this morning.

Speaking of White House czars, have you learned about the new video game czar, UW Madison’s Constance Steinkuehler?  Even now, the economic benefits of our farsighted leaders are accruing to us.  Where will the maddening overreach of government end?

Men of service shaping up

In case you haven’t been looking lately, our men in uniform have been shaping up.  No, I’m not talking about PX90 drills or rehearsing counterterrorism scenarios.  The martial professions that at their fashion zenith brought us the wonders of baldrics and dress blues have since democratized and reinvented themselves for the metro age.

The Wall Street Journal has spotlighted a purported eyebrow “scuplting” craze peeling through the ranks of America’s fighters in Afghanistan.

Pfc Guillemette

Pfc Guillemette. Courtesy The Wall Street Journal

Meanwhile, one plainclothes detective of NYPD’s thin blue line has traded down to a thin blue tie, earning delectable internet glory as the “hipster cop.”

Detective Rick Lee, NYPD

Detective Rick Lee. Courtesy Associated Press.

Without a doubt, these men of our uniformed services are serving us honorably, protecting us from mad mullahs and disgruntled hippies.  Now, they may be just a little more fashionable than the rest of us.

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